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The People

Our personnel consists of clinicians, equestrians, and   volunteers from around the community which include a variety of professions.

Joe and Judy   Callan

Joe is the founder and Clinical Director of TRAVERSE. In addition to having credentials as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, he is a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.

Judy is a retired School Psychologist and serves a the Parent Trainer and Family Coordinator, and well as individual and group session volunteer.


Christine has volunteered with us since January 2017. She has been part of both our group and individual programs. Christine has acted as equipment manager, leader, side walker, yearbook creator, fundraiser, and rode a drill with a group.


Jodi cropped.jpg


Jodi and Kahlie joined TRAVERSE as volunteers in September 2021. They have both assisted with the individual sessions as horse leaders and side walkers as well as managing equipment. Jodi now assists with group sessions also.


Jillian joined us as a volunteer in May of 2022, as a side walker and horse leader, as well as assisting with equipment.


Seannah joined the TRAVERSE volunteers in September 2023. She has assisted with individual sessions as a leader and side walker and participates in the group sessions for paired riding and drill.

Equine Partners


DJ is our "old reliable". He is a Belgian-Thoroughbred mis born in 2000. He has been our partner for more than a decade!


Montana is a quarterhorse, born in 1992. He began participating in the program in 2019. He now partners with "lighter" riders on a limited basis, but is well loved and enjoys the attention. Thanks to "dad" Terry for allowing him to participate, and to the McCartys for partial scholarship.


Victor is our newest equine partner, working with us since 2022. He is an Appendix Quarterhorse, born in 1998. Many thanks to his "mom" Margo for allowing him to participate!

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